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Tuesday, February 16 2016

Tips on Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home


When it comes to choosing the right house for you, there are so many things that you need to consider. You have to consider the capacity of the house. If you are going to be living on your own, you do not want something big but if you are going to live your partner and kids, you would have to choose one that will look great with the rest of your home.

Once you have already chosen your home, the next step that you will probably do is decorate your home. If your home is already fully furnished then you do not have to think about this anymore but if in case you still need to work on choosing the right furniture for your home, this is not something that you should ponder on as much.

Choosing your furniture does not mean that you will only love it for its beauty. You have to consider its function as well. It will be similar to choosing led lights Singapore over incandescent light because you know that it will be more environment friendly and at the same time, you can save up on the energy that you will use.

When choosing furniture, think about these things that may often be overlooked:

  • Silhouette

You have to remember that each furniture piece that you are going to choose will have a silhouette that may or may not fit with the rest of the furniture that you have picked out. If you are going to choose one that does not have a good silhouette for the rest of your furniture and your home, you know that it will not look good.

  • Finish

Look at the furniture beyond its usual appearance. Do you think that the furniture has been rushed? If yes, then you better look at other furniture that will have a greater appearance. You can be pretty sure that they will look better than the others. Also, the finish can make similar pieces look strikingly different from each other so consider this well. Get to know more on choosing the right furniture finish from here:

  • Fabric

As you know, some furniture would require fabrics in order to improve its overall look. It will be best if you could choose dark fabrics that will meet the type of design that you have in mind. Having darker fabrics will make everything far easier to clean than ever.

Now that you already know the various things that you can do, you can be pretty sure that you will have great looking furniture right at your own home.

Wednesday, November 4 2015

How to Make Your Furniture a Work of Art

There is a big chance that you have already gotten across some furniture that just look amazing simply because they have been made with a variety of products that you know you would never have thought of using if you were a furniture making.

Sometimes, the furniture has materials that are so extraordinary that they are considered to be a work of art. They can be very expensive too because not a lot of the pieces are made. If you know that you cannot include that in your budget at present time, what you can do is just make sure that the simple furniture that you already have can be mixed well together to create some sort of art.

If in case you are looking for some tips to help you out, here are some things that you should know:

  • You have to make sure that the colors that you are going to place are all balanced. For instance, since you know that black, white and red fit together, why not make sure that your furniture will follow that theme? You will be surprised with how good the furniture will look like this way.
  • Make sure that if you are going to place some art on your house, you would have to make sure that you will place art from the same artist. Picking up some art works with just one theme can also work well because there will be balance with the current art works that you have at home.
  • Consider where you are going to place your furniture. You have to make sure that your furniture fits the room that you are going to place it on well. You cannot expect to put a long table that is so long it will not fit the room that you have created. Give some consideration to this to be sure.
  • Think about the right placement of mirrors. Do you know that the reflection that will be created will add a sense of elegance to your whole place? You cannot just place mirrors everywhere however. You need to place the mirrors on the right place.
  • Let furniture be the star of the room. You ought to make sure that you will just choose other things that will help your room amazing. If you would make everything strong, the effect will not be that good.

You can learn more about that here:

With these design ideas, you can be sure that your room will look like canvas art that can be nice to look at and photograph.

Monday, September 21 2015

When you’re in need of Pest Control help

It was very fortunate to came across this blog post and I think it is a very interesting read. The original blogpost can be found here.  If you want to find out more about one of the best SG pest control servicesthen continue reading it.

Singapore is undeniably one of the world’s cleanest cities – after all, with clear pavements and an almost overwhelming abundance of bins lined up along our streets, it’s hardly difficult to see why! However, don’t let the glamour of living in the world’s most spotless country fool you into letting down your guard when it comes to pest control! Although Singapore pest control is not frequently spoken about, the problem of pests in Singapore is still very real indeed!

Some of you may be wondering, “Pests? What pests? I’ve certainly never seen pests in Singapore before!”

Well, if this is the case, then you are certainly a lucky soul to have never encountered the horror and fear of discovering pests lurking around in your home. However, not everyone in Singapore will be as lucky. After all, there are various types of Singapore pest control problems that have plagued several of the more unfortunate households in Singapore. If you have yet to encounter Singapore pest control problems in your home, this certainly does not mean that pests will never enter your home! It’s always better to be prepared than to be taken by surprise when you find that your home has been absolutely invaded by a colony of cockroaches upon returning home from work!

SG Pest Hub Blog image 9

In this article, we will introduce you to a few types of common Singapore pest control problems. Read on to know more about Singapore pest control issues that commonly affect local households, and make due preparations and preventions in order to avoid falling victim to these terrible pest attacks!


One of the most prevalent Singapore pest control issues most commonly faced by households would be cockroach infestations.

Given the fact that most cockroaches are able to fly, and that they are also fully capable of scaling across tall walls, it is indeed little wonder that cockroaches tend to find new homes in HDB flats which are pretty much everywhere in Singapore!

Furthermore, cockroaches are able to reproduce and multiply to large numbers in just mere weeks, making it all the more easy for cockroach infestations to occur in homes.

SG Pest Hub Blog image 16

A cockroach infestation may be difficult to spot; after all, cockroaches are extremely cunning creatures which are able to flatten their bodies in order to squeeze through small crevices and holes. As such, this would make them particularly difficult to spot. In fact, you’ll never know if a cockroach is hiding right under the couch that you’re currently sitting on!

Cockroaches gravitate towards dark and moist spaces. As such, in order to ensure that your home remains a safe haven which is free of cockroach infestations for your precious children, always make sure that you clean out hotspots in your home such as the space behind your stove or fridge, under couches and behind peeling wallpapers regularly to ensure that they have no chance of breeding in your home!
If you discover large hordes of cockroaches in your home, then it is best to call down a Singapore pest control expert to help you rectify the cockroach infestation immediately, and ensure that every vile cockroach in your home is eliminated.


Termites are yet another source of most Singapore pest control problems, given our dense living structure in Singapore – after all, Singapore has the most buildings per square kilometre in the world, and all the wood used in such structural buildings as well as furniture in our homes can be used as fodder to breed termites! In addition, the humid weather in Singapore makes it particularly difficult for any spillages or moisture spots to be dried up, and when wooden furniture, walls or floorings are dampened, it certainly makes for a particularly inviting situation for hungry termites.


Home infestations by termites are extremely common Singapore pest control problems. In fact, 1 in every 10 households in Singapore has probably fallen victim to a termite infestation at least once. As such, it is of utmost importance that you keep your guards up and know more about what causes termites infestations in order to stave off any attacks by termites on you home!

Termites tend to proliferate on damp or moist wooden surfaces. Given that they feed on the cellulose present in such wood, termites can not only scare your ignorant toddler into a crying fit, but can also cause you to incur up to hundreds in terms of housing or furniture damages! Yes, despite their small size, termites are indeed remarkably fearsome creatures!

Always mop up any spillages on wooden surfaces, and keep water sources away from wooden furniture to ensure that you do not fall prey unwittingly to a termite attack. Ensure that you have proper termite control methods in place at all times to protect your home from being wrecked by ruthless termite colonies!


To read more go to Types of Common Singapore Pest Control Problems

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Saturday, August 29 2015

Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

What are your reasons for wanting to increase the value of your home? You may want to do that because you like to live in a nice house that you can proudly call your own but there is also a big chance that you would like to increase your home’s value because you are planning to sell it and you would like to get a good value for it.

It will be a good idea to have your home appraised beforehand and then afterwards, you can do the necessary changes and have it reappraised. Do you know the different improvements that you can do to your home? Here are some of the things that you can do:


Upgrade Your Furniture – If you are planning to sell your house fully furnished, the type of furniture that you would leave behind can also add a great value to your home. Even if your furniture is already old, you may make some changes in order to improve on it and make it better

  1. Have Your Roof Fixed – Is your roof currently leaking? If the appraiser will know about this, there is no doubt that the value of your home will decrease. You have to hire Singapore roofing contractors in order to fix your roof for you though because it can be dangerous for non professionals to try fixing the roof on your own. Do remember that choosing the right company to do your roof can also make a lot of difference. Aside from getting quotes for roofing, make sure that you will read reviews about the company’s services.
  2. Remodel Some Parts of Your Home – There are certain parts of your home that will surely increase your home’s value. These rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. You may want to change the items that you have installed there like the counters. Bathrooms can be increased in size too.
  3. Add Energy Efficient Windows – Do remember that if you still have single pane windows, it is not attractive anymore. Try placing energy efficient windows and you will surely start to see some difference with your home’s value.
  4. Place Decks/Extra Rooms – The more rooms that you have at home, the higher the value of your home will increase. Placing a deck can be nice too but consider the weather condition so you will not end up with molding decks after.

Want to know other tips on how to increase your home’s value? Check this out:

With these things in mind, you can be sure that from roof repair to installation of new rooms, the value of your home will surely increase.

Monday, July 20 2015

Want More Customers for Your Wicker Furniture? Try This SEO Marketing

Capture.PNGWould you like more people to purchase your Wicker furniture now with the help of SEO Agency Singapore? There is a chance that sales are okay but you would like to sell more. Do you know the right things that you ought to do? Here are just some of the tips that you have to remember:

  • Plan your SEO strategy ahead of time. You may be tempted to just open up your website and start doing things that you feel is correct but this will not be too effective. What you can do instead is make sure that you will plan your digital marketing strategy beforehand.
  • Stick to the SEO strategy that you have done so that you can improve it. You also have to make sure that your website will be different from what other companies have offered in the past.
  • Aside from SEO, you also have to focus on your customer service. You have to make sure that your customer service is impeccable because without customer service, customers will not come back to your site no matter how many times your great SEO setup has placed you on top of the list in search engine sites. If there are some comments that are on your site, do not ignore those comments. It would be best if you would address them at the soonest possible time.
  • Be Creative. You have to be like a customer when you are creating your own website. You have to focus on the things that you think a customer will find appealing. Being creative means that you have to give promos.
  • Be active on other networking sites. In order to actively promote your website, you cannot rely on SEO alone if you like to become discovered at the soonest possible time. If you become active, traffic going to your site will become more active too.

If in case you have no idea at all how you are going to do SEO, you may choose to hire a company to do it for you. The search for the right SEO Company Singapore can be a bit hard to do because of the many things that would have to be considered but do not look any further because Digital Agency Frozenrank may be the only company that you need for all of your SEO needs. Following these tips will help you in your furniture business and will also make you more successful. Learn more when you check this out: 

Thursday, July 16 2015

Why Use Samsung Locks?

Modern life is not only limited to those who are in a high – class society. You can live a life modernly in a cheaper and safer way just like those who are living on expensive units. All you just need is perfect furniture that fits your space and a little bit of planning and creativity. In designing small spaces, including condominiums and apartments, one of the factors you should consider is the color scheme. Choose a color with one to three neutral colors to broaden the appearance of any rooms or the unit itself. You can mix it with modern colors to add a little character in your space while maintaining its classiness. Living comfortably would always bring us feelings of relaxation and satisfaction. That’s why we really take our time in choosing our furnitures at home as it would give us sense of achievement. Living and kitchen rooms are the focal points and centerpieces of the family home, so it’s mostly where we consume our attention.

Light and classy, this living room has a formal feel and sophistication. A white sofa that matches your white walls makes your room much bigger. And with dark – colored furnitures and a black and white – striped floor mat, all come together to make your space quite youthful and conservatively sexy.

Black, gray and white colors combined together works well to add a little bit of a strong or manly character to the owner. We find the gray, printed wall a perfect addition to the space but it’s the furniture that really somewhat brings a story. Simple gray couch, matched with printed and plain pillows and long black center table, creates quite the zen vibes.

Of course, in setting up our home, we should consider the safety of the place and of the welfare of our loved ones. Thus, we look for a perfect lock that would ensure us safety and peaceful state of mind.

The new technology suggests that a perfect lock would be those in digital as it would make thieves, burglars or bad people illiterate in stealing. Digital locks cannot be easily picked as it won’t have any key slots. Thus, Samsung creates own version of digital locks with a cheaper advanced technology.

Samsung digital locks do have touch pad screen with random security codes and Anti – Panic Exit system. You can check Samsung digital lock website to see all the features of different kinds of digital locks. You can also watch the video link below as it would educate you more on how to use it.


Digital locks are safe, stylish and very convenient as you may not need any keys. Also it uses the most secure and highest technology system of today as it has security options like emergency door unlock and fire alarm. You can inquire more about these digital locks on their Facebook page andigitallock.

Having a home is not all about the designs we choose or how it is expensive or cheap. It is all about how we should make our home comfortable, safe and convenient in any way.

Now that you have decided on the locks for your home, have you thought of designing your home with the suitable curtains to fit the theme and keep your home stylish? Do a google search for 'curtains singapore' and find some ideas for curtains furnishing! 

Thursday, April 23 2015

Pests love to gorge on your furniture

Pests are a great nuisance for everyone. Sometimes they can be just irritating. But, there are high chances that they can transmit deadly diseases also. There are so many different kinds of pests.  It is very important that your house is completely disinfested from any kind of pests.  Pests can hide at any place, under the carpets, behind the curtains, any nooks or crevices in the walls or the gaps of your laminated flooring.  But, your furniture is the most preferred place for bed bugs. Bed bugs need not necessarily be confined to beds. They can be ‘at home’ inside any of your furniture. They like to feast on humans at night. Bug bites you see on your body can be easily misunderstood for mosquito bites. As soon as you realize the presence of any parasites in your home, complete pest removal is very important. All your upholstery should be washed in hot water and then dried properly. If your curtains and carpets cannot be water washed, steam cleaning is equally effective. Any wooden furniture and laminated flooring should also be treated appropriately.


While bed bugs prefer humans, termites cannot resist any wooden item. They are as happy with your wooden chair as the doors and windows. Termites are a difficult pest to remove completely. Though they eat through the wooden furniture mostly, but they can also harm clothes and papers. If you do not clean the book racks of your library or study regularly, do not be surprised to find them all infested or eaten away by termites, when you are trying to find your favourite book. Termites do not affect plastics. Most of the books have a thin plastic coating on the cover. As a result, you might not be able to realize by seeing the outers side of the book that all the pages have turned into powder.

Moths are other highly irritating bugs. Cloth moths can eat through almost any fabric. If one enters into your wardrobe, they can destroy your clothes, bed sheets, mats and rugs. They can easily create holes in the curtains and carpets too. Your sofa covers are also susceptible to the cloth moths. And if your sofa is stuffed with fiber, moths can empty it gradually. Pest can destroy the filling of your bean bag. When you try to slouch on your bean bag for relaxation, you might be sitting on a pile of moths and pests even without realizing.  MY Pest Control can help you get rid of these dreary creatures effortlessly.

Thursday, February 5 2015

Where to buy your wicker furniture (with good deals!)

Buying a furniture can be a troublesome thing. If you are moving into a new house and you need furniture quickly, then you need to source for your tables and chairs right away! 

Right now, we will share some of the places you can source for your wicker furniture! 

1. Get good deals from Office Furniture Singapore . 

Get quick quotes from them and they can provide you with the best quotes for tables, chairs, or any furniture you are looking for, regardless what style you have in mind. 

2. Groupon

This may sound funny, but you can actually buy your chair from Groupon! However, don't expect top top quality type of chairs. A temporary chair can be found here.

3. Alibaba

If you are looking for bulk purchase, alibaba may be the best choice! Don't worry if you think you can't buy 20 chairs. Get your friend together to buy them! You sure have friends who are need new furniture. However, they ship over from China, so do expect some time for delivery. But the good thing is, they are really cheap. 

If you are also considering geting furniture for your office or restaurant, consider getting it from here too. 

Where else can you get good deals? Let us know and we will update it here. I will also keep updating the good deal websites here! 

Friday, January 9 2015

Choosing Wicker as your office furniture

Right from the start of the post, we share what Wicker really is, and why it is chosen as a great material for furniture usage. Many homes have included wicker chairs and tables as part of their home design. The choice is simple: It can be stylish, it is durable, and most importantly, it don't cost that much as to other types of furniture. 

Now, how about your office? 

Would it be a great choice to use Wicker furniture for your office setup too? 

Here are some examples of office setup with wicker. 


As  you can see, other than standard leather roller chairs, you can have this type of Wicker deisgned chairs. Look classy yea?


Then, instead of the heavy office wood table, you can have this wicker office table and chair too. 


How about a meeting table like this? This setting may be more for a set for home usuage. But it can be used as a recreational corner at your office too. Or a table set at the office pantry for lunch and other meals too. 


If you need meeting outdoors, then this set will also do the job. It is one with classy design that looks modern. If your company is into design, then you may want to consider this furniture set. 

Hence, as you can see, wicker has lots of good usage other than just putting them at home. 

Have you thought of using Wicker as your office furniture? Let us know your thoughts! 

If you have bought wicker chairs and tables for your employees too, ask them how is it. We would like to hear your comments too! 

Friday, January 2 2015

Understanding More About Wicker

Hi, Welcome to Wicker Guide. In this guide, we would like to educate you more about the material called Wicker. this word may seems unfamiliar to you, but we would like to share with you more on how this material has been popular in most homes today. If you are planning to purchase a new house to make over your home, you can consider wicker furniture as one of the items for your rooms. In this post, let's learn more about wicker. Wicker is a material that is usually woven, and they are used for baskets, chairs, or even tables. The reason they are used is because of its strong qualities. You would have sat on a chair or couch made of wicker completely. When you site, is it soft and seems like it can crash anytime soon? Probably not. It is hard and sturdy, and that's why it has been used for furniture design. In corporate office, wicker is also used for tables or guest meeting rooms. In houses, people use wicker furniture for their patio, which is an open space for gatherings or relaxing. People use wicker furniture for outdoors is because it is woven, and hollow. Hence, water can drip through the wicker chair, without soaking it up. If you stay in beach front resorts, or swimming pools, you will see many chairs that are made of wicker. Wicker is made from pure or synthetic material. Those that you see that are used in the market, are usually a combination of pure and synthetic quality.


Other than just for furniture usages, it is also used for making baskets. Yes, those types of baskets that you see people bring to markets. Those baskets are also the ones use for keep pets (or use as pets transportation). The wicker type of plastic is good, because it is not air tight. Even if there's a puppy inside the basket, and you're bringing him to the vet, the dog can still breathe. So how do you make wicker? We can't really describe the action, but it can be made by hand. Here's a video to show you.

As you can see, wicker is great because just with this material alone, you can make it into different items. Small items like baskets, to big items like your 5-seater couch in your house. Making of wicker also doesn't require additional glue or sticky material to get the shape of the item. Simple but proper woving can get the item up just like that.

So... are you getting more interested to find out more about wicker? Get in touch with us so we can share more with you!